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AISI 4340


AISI 4340

DIN 40NiCrMo84
C 0.36/0.44 Si 0.10/0.35MN 0.45/0.70S 0.040 maxP 0.035 max Cr 1.00/1.40 Mo 0.20/0.35 NI 1.30/1.70


Virat Special Steels AISI 4340

Virat Special Steels is the largest Supplier & Stockiest of AISI 4340.
40NiCrMo84 is high tensile alloy steel famed for its wear resistance properties and in addition where high strength properties are required.
This Grade is used in components akin to gears, shafts, studs and bolts, its hardness is within the range 248/302 HB. It may be further surface-hardened to create add-ons with more advantageous wear resistance by means of induction or nitriding processing.

Steel Properties

Standard hiqh-speed steel qrade. Itswell-balanced alloy composition forms the basis of its high_touqhn-essand good clllting edge retention, rendenng it $uitable for a large variety of appllcatons.

Physical Properties

Thermal Conductivity at °C 20 350 700
W/(m*K) 40.5 32.5 25.5



For all metal-cutting tools for roughing or finishing such as twist drills, diverse milling cutters, thread dies, broaches, reamers, countersinks, thread chasers, circular saw segments, shaping tools and woodworking tools. Also highly suitable for cold-forming tools such as cold extrusion rams and dies, as well as cutting and precision cutting tools, plastic moulds with elevated wear resistance and screws.


Heat Treatment

Soft annealing °C Cooling Hardness HB
650-700 slowly max. 280


Stress-relief annealing °C Cooling
630 - 650 Furnace


1st pre-heating °C 2nd and 3rd Hardening °C Quenching Tempering °C Hardness after Teperature HRC
up to approx. 400 in an air-circulating furnace 780 and 1000 1190 - 1230 Saltbath, at least 520 °C Oil ,Air at least twice 530-560 64 – 66


  • Cold Work Steel
  • Hot Work Steel
  • High Speed Steel
  • Alloy Steel
  • Plastic Mould Steel


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