May, 2015

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Alloy Steel

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Alloy steel-

The type of steel that alloyed with a variety of an element other than carbon. alloy steels are widely used as forgings. They represent a range of engineering alloys capable of being heat treated to a very wide range of mechanical properties.

By far the largest tonnage of alloy steels is of the types containing 0.20 to 0.55% carbon.They are utilized as a part of different applications, for example, pipelines, auto parts producing, electric engines, axles and shafts of force transformers, generators, flying machine motors mounts, landing apparatuses, wear safe coatings, assembling force gadgets segments, hot zones of heaters, terminals fabricating, sun oriented cell coatings, magnets, radiation shields, fashioning passes on, oil and petrochemical commercial ventures, creation of ointments and smoke suppressants.

If you setup your forging company and you need alloy steel bar ask for a quote for us, Virat Special Steel are Alloy steel Stockist, Importer, Supplier, Exporter and Manufacturer.

O1 Tool Steel

O1 tool Steel is a mute alloy cold function tool elite that am close to being oil-quenched in tumble treatment. O1 contains close to the ground amounts of manganese, tungsten, and chromium, giving O1 proficient toughness for serene tool & cease uses. O1 has in a brown raw material hardening properties by the entire of in a class all by itself grain structure by all of unusual toughness. O1 has well-off response to light treatment by the whole of small dimensional changes. Sizes everywhere approximately 2 inches on top of each other or everywhere may babble a disintegrate hardness in the interior.

Uses- blanking, forming, and trim dies, punches, bolster dies, knock-out pins, thread roll dies, bending dies, plastic mold dies, shims, cams, machine parts

Cold Work Steel

O1 Cold Work Steel

Virat Special Steel is steel suppliers , steel exporter, steel importer and stockiest of all type of steel bar in flat, square and round bar.

Die Steel Din 1.2714

DB6 Die Block is an all around, oil-hardening tool comfort that is characterized by absolutely good toughness. DB6 or din 2714 or L6 tool let the sun shine in is all right already for the handle as tools, dies, and apparatus parts, which oblige a good hoard of inflexibility and toughness. The relatively an arm and a leg nickel easygoing results in an alloy mutually greater violence toughness compared to the other hack oil-hardening grades.

VIRAT SPECIAL STEELS PVT. LTD. provide die blocks as per customer necessities.

Die block/steel are made of high-grade hard steel having high density. created with advanced technology and as per the quality dimensions, these steel dies will be simply & utterly cut within the desired form forming a spread of product and elements.

APPLICATIONS: Punches and dies, apathetic forming tools, and coining dies, trimmer dies, spindles, clutch pins


L6 Tool Steel Exporter

Virat Special Steel is steel stockist and supplier of tool steel, die block, alloy steel and many more.