July, 2015

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High Speed Steel

High Speed Steels are elite extraordinary steels offering high hardness at temperatures up to 500°C and high wear resistance, on account of alloying components like tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium and chromium which have the capacity to shape carbides. To enhance hot hardness, cobalt might likewise be included.



Virat Special Steel Stockiest of high speed steels are utilized for machine devices, for example, bores, taps devices. The properties needed here are wear resistance, hot hardness and strength which counteract breakage of cutting edges. This assurances high apparatus life and low support, and guarantees a reproducible creation process. Our elite powder metallurgical rapid steels are a claim to fame. They are the pillar in this requesting business segment. The trademark properties of all rapid steel evaluations incorporate.

we are largest supplier and stockist of high speed steel in India at maximum location like Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Punjab, Gurgaon and Ludhiana.

How to make tool for hot work tool steel?


Hot Work Steel

Tool made of hot work tool steel are manufactured by metal cutting and non cutting shaping processes. During metal cutting, surface tensions are generated and the tension of the work piece is changed, depending on the depth of machining. In the event of extensive metal cutting, it is recommendable to perform thermal relief for annealed and quenched and tempered parts before finish machining, in order to reduce the risk of distortion or stress cracking during finish machining.  Critical machining process are processes in which the structure of steel is changed by thermal influences.