August, 2015

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H11 Hot Die Steel


H11 Steel

The leading company VIRAT SPECIAL STEELS PVT. LTD. offers Hot Die Steels. It is available in various sizes, shapes and finish to suit the varieties of requirements of our valued clients. These Procurement only from trusted vendors of the market who make it by using of the best quality processing and servicing properties to manufacture quality ranges of the Hot Die Steels. We hold specialization in offering to our clients an expansive ranges of Hot Die Steels, which are acknowledged for its load bearing abilities and durability.

HOT DIE STEELS ( H-11 Steels )

H-11 steels are the most commonly used Hot Die Tool Steels. These Hot Die Steels made up of the composition of various grades like Carbon, Mangnese, Silicon, Chromium. Chromium is the major chemical composition of H-11 tool steels. It contains 4.75-5.50% Chromium. It can be air hardened in 150 mm thick sections.These steels have minimal distortion during hardening due to their balanced alloy content.These steels can be cooled using water without damage. These steels have low Carbon and alloy contents with good toughness. These steels can be deep hardened by heat treatment and air-quenching.

i. Physical Properties:
Density – 7.81 g/cm3 (in Metric).
Melting point – 1427°C (in Metric).
ii. Mechanical Properties:
Hardness, rockwell C – 56 (in Metric).
Modulus of elasticity – 207 GPa (in Metric).
Machinability (1% carbon steels) – (75.0 to 80.0)% (in Metric).
Poisson’s ratio – 0.27 to 0.30 (in Metric).
iii. Thermal Properties:
Thermal expansion (@20-100ºC/68-212ºF) – 11.9 x 10-6/ºC (in Metric).
Thermal conductivity (@100ºC/212ºF) – 42.2 W/mK (in Metric).

i. Round
ii. Flat and
iii. Square.


The Hot Die Steels (H-11 Steels) are widely used in-
i. Forging dies
ii. Die casting
iii. Bolt dies
iv. Hot piercing punches
v. Shrink rings
vi. Moulds
vii. Metal extrusion tools for processing light metals
viii. Screws and barrels for plastic processing etc.


i. Durable
ii. Fine finishing
iii. Can be water-cooled to a limited extent
iv. Unmatched thermal conductivity
v. Insusceptibility to hot cracking etc.

To provides the best services with satisfaction to our clients.