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DIN 2379

C 1.54 Si 0.32 Mn 0.34 Cr 12.00 Mo 0.76 V 0.91
Virat Special Steels AISI D2

Virat Special Steels is the biggest & leading Supplier & Stockiest of AISI D2 Steel.
AISI D2 Consolidates maximum wear resistance, great durability, exceptional front line maintenance and treating resistance. 12 % ledeburitic chromium steel. It can be nitride after special heat treatment. It can be utilized as threading rolls and dies, icy trimming, cutting and stamping tools for sheet thickness's up to 6 mm, accuracy cutting instruments for sheet thicknesses up to 12 mm.

Steel Properties

AISI D2 steel is Cold Work Steel with High Carbon High Chromium contents. The Quality with high wear resistant and toughness properties due to Vanadium addition of 0.90% . Normally it supply condition is an Annealed and will offer hardness to reach 57-59 HRC. It can be machinable in the annealed condition.AISI D2 is the superior steels than D3 due to high alloys properties.

Physical Properties
Coefficient of thermal expansionat °C 20-100 20-200 20-300 20-400
10-6 m/(m*K) 10.6 11.5 11.8 12.3
Thermal Conductivity at °C 20 350 700
W/(m*K) 16.7 20.5 24.2

AISI D2 tool steel applicable for cold stamping or forming dies, cold forming rolls, Chipper knives, Punches, slitters, shear blades, tools, tyre shredders, trimming, cutting Threading Dies , stamping tools Etc.

Heat Treatment
Soft annealing °C Cooling Hardness HB
840 - 870 Furnace max. 250
Stress-relief annealing °C Cooling
approx. 660-710 Furnace
Hardening °C Quenching Hardness after quenching HRC
1000-1050 Air, oil or saltbath, 500-550 °C 63
Tempering °C after quenching 100 200 300 400 500 525 550 600
HRC 64 61.5 58.5 58.5 59 60 57 50
D2 Steel
HCHCR D2 Steel