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DIN 2606



AFNOR Z 35 CDW 5-1
X37CrMoW 5-1
C 0.30-0.40Si 0.80-1.25 Cr 4.75-5.50 Mo 1.25-1.75 V 0.20-0.50
Virat Special Steels DIN 2606

DIN 2606 hot work Die Steel could be a five-hitter Cr, general hot work steel that is characterized by glorious impact toughness. It contains less vanadium than the widely-used DIN 2344 hot work tool steel, and also the tungsten content provides higher temper resistance. it has smart resistance to thermal fatigue cracking (heat checking) and excellent resistance to gross cracking and thermal shock once water cooled in commission.TLS H12 hot work tool steel is usually recommended for warm tooling applications wherever most resistance to cracking is needed. Such applications embrace hot punches, die casting dies, shaping dies, hot shear blades, hot gripper dies, and extrusion tooling.

Steel Properties

Excellent Resistance to Wear, High Strength at Elevated Temperature with good Homogenizing with High Toughness. Extra- Fine- Structure without Grain-Boundary Carbide.

Physical Properties
Coefficient of thermal expansionat °C 20-100 20-250 20-500
10-6 m/(m*K) 11.7 12.4 12.9
Thermal Conductivity at °C 20 250 500
W/(m*K) 24.2 25.6 28.0

This steel use for Forming dies, Press dies, Hot Shear, Immediate Roller for Cold Rolling.

Heat Treatment
Soft annealing °C Cooling Hardness HB
820 Furnace max. 240
Hardening °C Quenching Hardness after quenching HRC
1030 – 1130 Oil or hot bath, 500 – 550 °C 57
Tempering °C after Quenching 100 200 300 400 500 600
HRC 55 54 54.3 54.8 53 51 48 41 34
DIN 2606
H12 Steel